Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for the Gaetane Harvey Memorial Walk?

Answer - You can register for the walk by clicking here.  After you have registered be sure to join our closed Facebook group Gaetane Harvey Memorial Walk so that you can stay up to date with event information.  Early bird registration is $30 and will close at 8:00am on Monday May 14th.  Registration will then be $40 and will close on August 31st.  All participants are asked to fundraise a minimum of $250 to help reach our end goal of $30,000.

2. What time does registration start on event day?

Answer - Registration will start at 8:30am on Saturday, September 23rd & Sunday, September 24th.  


3. Where is the event taking place?

Answer - This two day event starts September 23rd at West Zwicks Park, 11 Bay Bridge Dr, Belleville, ON


4. How can I make a general donation in support of the event?

Answer - You can make a general donation in support of the event by clicking here.  If you wish to make a donation on behalf of a specific participant you can do that by clicking here


5. Is it possible to make donations In Memory or In Honour of someone?

Answer - Absolutely, all donations can be made In Memory or In Honour of someone.  There is an area where you can fill in this information while making your donation.  If you missed the area when you entered your donation, you can the email the information to 


6. Is it possible to fundraise offline?

Answer - Yes, you can fundraise offline.  Please print a pledge form to include with all of your offline donations.  Please note, it is very important that all mailing address information be clearly written and complete addresses provided to ensure tax receipts can be properly processed.  Donations under $20 will be receipted upon request.


7. Are all donations eligible for a tax receipt?

Answer - All donations are eligible for a tax receipt provided we receive complete name and mailing address information.  Donations over $20 will be receipted automatically as long as the correct information is provided.  Donations under $20 will be receipted upon request only with complete mailing information.


8. How can I make a donation in support of a specific participant?

Answer - You can make a donation to a specific participant by searching for their donation page here


9. How do I access and use my Participant Center?

Answer -  You can click this link to access your Participant Center  or by clicking on the red 'Login' button located in the top right corner of the page.  You can click here to see some of the great features in the Participant Center and how you can use them to help you fundraise.


*Please note, registration fees do not qualify for a tax receipt